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Veronica Mugi

Veronica Mugi, is passionate about helping clients create meaningful and lasting change in their lives. We recognize that every individual has their own unique experiences and challenges, and we work collaboratively with each client to help them achieve their goals and find greater fulfillment in life. Take the first step towards healing and schedule an appointment with us today.

Counseling can be a really meaningful tool in empowering you to connect with yourself and

those around you, and to live a sustainably healthy life. As your counselor, I trust that you are the

expert of your own life and seek to provide a space where you can show up fully as you are. My

hope for our time together is that you feel seen, heard, and held. I hope that you find your way

back to yourself and those you love, and that you find rest, even in the tensions and difficulties of



Who I work with

- Couples: building security and safety in your relationship, healthy communication,

increasing authenticity & vulnerability, healing and repairing relational wounds/ruptures.

- Families: strengthening bonds within the family unit, helping parents and children

connect and communicate, empowering family members to access and share underlying

feelings and experiences, creating safety and support within the family.

- Individuals: processing trauma, growing in self-awareness, family of origin issues &

exploration, life transitions, views of self.

Other Interests

- Interracial couple work: strengthening the relational bond through a systemic lens.

- BIPOC: processing and healing through racial trauma and experiences.

- Women: processing infertility, body image issues, friendships.

- Transracial adoptive families: strengthening the family unit and facilitating space for

important conversations.

- Faith and spirituality: healing from spiritual abuse, connecting with spirituality, building

an aligned community.


Previous Work

The work I enjoy the most is emotionally focused therapy (EFT) focused. In this work, I’ve seen

couples, families and individuals deepen their vulnerability with self and others, access

underlying emotional experiences and share them courageously with themselves and those they

love. EFT is an incredibly powerful evidence based therapeutic modality that has empowered so

many to live freely, authentically, and from the heart (me included). I have helped couples work

through infidelity, intercultural differences/experiences, communication, and parenting among

other issues. I’ve also worked with families to create safe spaces for all members to be held in

their unique experiences. My work with individuals has ranged from processing shame, grief,

and trauma, to navigating life transitions. I am truly gifted by this work that I get to do and the

amazing people I get to encounter.


Things that fill my heart

- Quality time with my husband and son

- Quiet time alone

- Reading and writing poetry, reading African literature & fiction (with a warm cup of

green tea)

- My family and few closest friends

- Live music

- Movement (running, going to the gym, hiking and being outside)

- Finding special clothes at thrift stores


I’m looking forward to knowing you and being a part of your story.

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